Review Piano Tiles 2

Piano Tiles 2 is the sequel to the hugely popular game Piano Tiles (Don’t Tap the White Tile). Piano Tiles 2 is an evolution of the original, capturing the operatic feeling and cadence of the music. New gameplay, first-class sound quality and a global competition mode give your fingers a fast paced thrill with the elegance of piano playing.

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How To Play

The rules are clear: just tap the black tiles to the music and avoid other area.

Try it out, enjoy the piano music, train your fingers to be faster, and see how well you stack up against your friends.

New in Piano Tiles 2:

  • Added login feature to enable synchronization of game data and competition with friends.
  • Brand-new gameplay.
  • Compete with players around the world.
  • New color scheme, multicolor instead of black and white.
  • Great new music, feel the pleasure of a professional pianist.
  • Share your piano performance with your loved ones.

Review Piano Tiles 2

Piano Tiles 2 stays faithful to the magic of the previous version while also adding competitive Hall mode, an improved design, and a nearly endless amount of new songs, including original tunes and classic favorites.

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The original Piano Tiles had multiple ways you could play such as Arcade and Zen, but Piano Tiles 2 no longer has these options and instead focuses on perfecting the game itself. Players have the option to decide which song they would like to play in the new version. Levels and songs get harder as you play on and a bonus level “Endless Rush” is added to the end of the song to challenge you. The more levels you pass, the more coins you earn to unlock songs to play.

In Piano Tiles 2, songs are now played in a continuous flow unlike in the original which only moved when tiles were tapped. This allows the song to move in a fluid manner and challenge the player to tap faster and faster.

The new version allows you to compete with players from around the world. Hall mode require you to play multiple songs continuously and the score is based on the number of tiles hit per second. Piano Tiles 2 holds three levels of difficulty for Hall mode: Beginner, Senior, and Master.

Piano tiles 2 now has tons of classical songs, from Beethoven to Mozart, for your tapping enjoyment. The game also includes new music selections from simple to nearly impossible. Piano Tiles 2 is visually enhanced over the original, but players will still recognize the same familiar game mechanics they first fell in love with.

One of the things love about the new piano tiles 2 game is playing Hall mode, a feature which lets you compete against others around the world, it’s addictive. ‘Hall’ mode lets players openly compete against each other to see who can tap the fastest–ranking among all other players around the globe. There’s no sign-in process required, so once you download the game you can start competing.